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Walk this Way - New NYSE Video Series NEW!

RADIATE: Video Lessons from NYSE 

NYSE Slice 

Nasdaq: Tomorrow's Capital Podcast 


Walk this Way - New NYSE Video Series

Summary - As part of NYSE’s recently released Insights content platform, Walk This Way is a series of videos that aims to show viewers behind the scenes of the most fascinating workplaces. The 10-part series is “a digital-first program that features CEOs of well-known companies taking viewers through their workspaces, giving them a first-person look at how they’re literally building for the future,” according to their website. The new program plans to follow business leaders such as GoDaddy Inc. CEO, Scott Wagner and Casper CEO, Philip Krim and will be distributed to viewers via the NYSE’s network of more than three million followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For more information and to view the video series, please click here.

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OTC Markets: Investor Relations Strategy

Summary - UPDATE

To access the Investor Relations Strategy webpage, please click here.

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RADIATE: Video Lessons from NYSE

Summary - NYSE offers a resource known as RADIATE, a series of videos that feature an all-star line-up of experts that range from Ariana Huffington to Earvin "Magic" Johnson and from Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Airlines to Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder and CEO of Chobani. Experts provide their thoughts and insights via video interviews on a variety of topics that include career planning, employee retention, habits, time management, emotional intelligence, thinking like a CEO, process and performance optimization, conflict management and so much more.

To access RADIATE, please click here.

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NYSE SLICE: "Take a Step Back from the Daily Noise"

Summary - Another resource offered by the NYSE is Slice. According to the website, it's "branded Slice because of the collaboration between Cheddar and Intercontinental Exchange, which operates the NYSE. These in-depth interviews help viewers “slice” through the noise to get to the truth of what CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators are doing to change our future." Conversations air on Cheddar from 8-10am ET every Wednesday and coincide with the NYSE Opening Bell. You can find Cheddar on DirecTV, Hulu, Twitter, Amazon and cheddar.com.

For more information about Slice and/or to watch the current episode, please click here.


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Nasdaq: Tomorrow's Capital Podcast

Summary - Tomorrow's Capital is a Nasdaq podcast that focuses on the question, "are we there yet?" According to the Nasdaq website, "the journey through economic history is filled with stories from leaders and innovators who have attempted to answer that question. In our podcast, Tomorrow's Capital, we interview thought leaders, influencers, and industry titans who have made their unique mark on our current economic landscape and those who are reshaping the markets in the years to come." In one of its more recent episodes, the CFO of PayPal, John Rainey, is interviewed on the future of mobile payments. Topics such as this and much more offer compelling conversations about relevant topics affecting our current economic landscape.

To access Tomorrow's Capital, please click here.


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